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There's no such thing as too many books

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Anonymous asked: Do you purchase books and, if so what is your policy? What is your price range on used books?

We do not purchase books, we have a trade policy where you get store credit. And for our used books, we charge half of the cover price. So for a mass market paperback, that’s usually about $4 and trade paperbacks are usually about $7.50, classics can range from $1 to about $5 depending on the edition.

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Anonymous asked: I have quite a few Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, etc. novels and don't want to throw them away. How do I go about "trading" them in at your shop and what do I get in return?

Thank you for asking! If they’re in good shape (and we don’t already have too many in stock), you can bring them in and we give a 1/4 of the cover price in credit which you can use towards half of whatever you buy at our store (excluding new hardcovers and clearance). For example: if you buy $10 worth of books, $5 would be taken from your credit and then you would pay $5.